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Well, I made the mistake of mentioning the Creation Supernatural cons to my daughter, who's been watching SPN with me since last summer. Now she's very interested (understatement) in attending either the Nashville con in June 2011 or the Chicago con in October 2011. Last night we looked at the ticket options online.

She definitely wants the sandwich photo op but the only other ticket options listed now are the "gold" packages. We are interested in something more "basic." Could some of you who have attended Creation Cons in the past give us some pointers?

Are more basic tickets, without all the frills like brunches and cocktail parties, available later? If so, about how much do they run? Is there an optimum type/price ticket for someone who largely just wants to "attend"? (Like me: I'm not interested in photo ops or even autographs for myself). Anything particular to be recommended or avoided?

Really, I would be grateful for any sort of convention advice or experience that could be shared. It's just in the "idea" stage for us at this point and we are con virgins.
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I'm lame, 'cause so far I've only read Sorcerer's Stone--loved it, but just haven't gotten around to reading the rest. I've watched the movies with my daughter, but I think I need to read the books to enjoy them fully.

But: thank the heavens for Butterbeer! It's the best drink ever at the end of a long day, and if you have it after a meal, you definitely don't need dessert! (BTW: I definitely always add the schnapps! but for convenience, I always just spray some canned whipped cream on top instead of making the recipe topping.)

Recipes )
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Hi, all.

I feel badly that I've been absent lately from fandom and from LJ. I still think about SV every day and miss everyone just as often. I miss writing, meta-ing, and connecting. I fear my Muses are on an indefinite hiatus, because every time I think that maybe I could write, I think of what's been done to Clark over the past couple of seasons and grind to a halt. Plus, I've been grappling with personal/family issues which has been laying me low. I go to work, come home, do some yard work and then lie around reading or watching tv. I lack energy, and wish I could be more productive.

I still have a number of SV fics that need to be finished, and I vow to do so--somehow. I'm NOT giving up! Now that autumn is here, I'm hoping for recharged energy--*crosses fingers*
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Best Carmen ever!!

Read more... )
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I've enjoyed the Showtime series: The Tudors. over the past couple of years. Read more... )
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First off, thank you, [personal profile] drkcherry, [personal profile] laceymcbain, and [personal profile] ladydey, for the Milk & Cookies!

Second, I'm delighted to be here and reacting to an ep directly after it airs, after a hiatus of some length. Read more... )
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I just finished watching the Director's Cut of Ride With the Devil (Ang Lee). About nine minutes of extra footage has been added, and there have been a couple of minor differences and a little shuffling around, a little different music--or so it seems; it's been several years since I've seen the "regular" edition--except for Jonathan Rhys Meyers' scenes, which were regular viewing material.:)

But it's intriguing how just s few small changes can make a movie seem like an entirely different film. Maybe it's just my state of mind, but this through it seemed so sad. I mean, it was always a downer film, but this time it darn near made me cry, bad accents, stunted delivery, and all. More depressing, but in a good way.

The best part of this movie is the location photography, IMO. The part where Tobey Maguire & co. are living in that little camouflaged shed in the woods--well, that looks almost exactly like our back yard in Kentucky.
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I've finally seen the ep, several days late.Read more... )
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I'm in shock. Truly.

I missed SV last night.

That's the first time that's ever happened. Even when I lived in Texas during S1 and had to take my daughter to an 'Nsync concert at the Alamodome the night "Nicodemus" aired, I had Leah (who stayed home) tape it for me and I watched it right away when I got home.

Let me explain.

Last week there were no previews for this week, and I saw a couple of posts by people that said: "See you after the break!" This past week was so busy that I wasn't online much this past week. I did check TWOP on Thursday and didn't think I saw a thread-in-wait for a Friday episode. While considering that it seemed we'd had exceedlingly few eps since the last hiatus, stranger things have happened, and I assumed there was no ep. Then yesterday I was so busy--I went out for lunch AND dinner for my b-day (dinner with the girls and their BFs last night was especially fun). On my big day, I'm always allowed to watch all the tv shows and movies that no one else will ever watch, so I spent the afternoon watching the 1897 storyline of "Dark Shadow" (which was a gift) "Moll Flanders" with Alex Kingston (my favorite actress) and a couple of episodes of "Pennies from Heaven" last night. I didn't even think further about SV! Then this a.m. I get online (at last) and see a post about "Clark in a tuxedo," and I about passed out.

I'll have to start being more careful. Even though general ardor has cooled, it's still my show and I feel extremely freaked out having missed it that way. On the rare occasions when my viewing's been delayed, I hate being in the situation when everyone else is discussing it and I haven't seen it! I really shouldn't feel that way, because I think the last couple of eps I haven't even DONE an ep post--there just didn't seem that much to say.

Anyway, I hope I can see the ep soon and thereby remedy the error.

On to more fun stuff:

Thanks so much to the kind f-listers who sent me b-day greetings. I received a Clark & Lex picpost from [personal profile] tasabian, and virtual gifts from [personal profile] oxoniensis, [personal profile] patrese1, [personal profile] tariel22, [personal profile] ladydey, and [personal profile] duskwillow. Also birthday wishes from: [profile] priscel, [personal profile] voldything, [profile] sheliana, [profile] enderwiggin24, [profile] quiet__tiger, [personal profile] tehomet, [profile] starry_dawn, [personal profile] talitha78, [personal profile] myownghost, [personal profile] fajrdrako, and [profile] christina_kat. Hope I haven't missed anyone!

In RL, I received Dark Shadows volume 16, a Talky Tina talking doll, and flowers from Zach (Leah's S.O.)

But, gad. I still can't believe I missed SV!! I think that's the first time it ever aired on my b-day.
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[personal profile] ingridmatthews and [personal profile] ladydey, you rock! Nothing like a Virtual Gift to brighten one's day!

Also in the mail today I received a treat for myself I bought with a Christmas gift card: Bedknobs and Broomsticks: The Enchanted Musical Edition (which I'm watching as I type), plus another DVD I bought for Leah's birthday in June.

Hamlet Live in HD rocked. Sitting and watching it all the way through, it struck me how the opera is still Hamlet, but yet it isn't. Graphic photos behind cut )

Sorry, I got a little distracted, there.

Anyway, I may be picking it apart, but I thoroughly enjoyed the broadcast this afternoon and I'm sure this will become a favorite opera within a very short time indeed. The music really is beautiful.

In other news, after receiving one issue of Supernatural magazine on the balance of my Smallville mag subscription, I get the: "You haven't renewed your Supernatural subscription!" letter. Well, duh, I didn't order Supernatural to begin with. So I'll wait a bit to see if any more come hobbling my way. I guess it's for the best: SV Mag regularly and continually made me crazy, anyway, but we have so few SV products available that I still hate to see it go.
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When I was seventeen and a senior in high school, I read Shakespeare's Hamlet for the first time. Oddly enough, my experience was akin to Kenneth Branagh's almost a decade later, when he, at age fifteen, took the train to see Derek Jacobi play Hamlet. It was his first experience of Shakespeare, and he says in 1996, in the introduction to the screenplay of his film of Hamlet:Image Heavy )
Anyway, I'm looking forward to the opera tomorrow.
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Clana sex is generally enough to keep me from reviewing an episode (cf. "Mortal," "Hidden," "Requiem,") and "Wrath" is no exception. However, lately I find myself dipping back into eps from the later seasons just because there's not that much to engage me in the show these days. I'd only rewatched "Wrath" a couple of times before, once the standard rewatch with my daughter and once for capping, so it's been a while.

Image Heavy )

On an entirely different tack: does anyone know what the actual "approved" spelling is for "Naman" and "Segeeth"? I've seen them spelled in what seems like countless ways in fandom, and never know which spelling is correct.

Check in

Dec. 30th, 2009 04:41 pm
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Hi, all.

Gab )

Well, enough blather. Since there's no work tomorrow or the next day, I'm going to try to do a little writing this evening.
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"Vortex" was the season premiere of SV S2, and picked up immediately where "Tempest" left off. Clark was in pursuit of Lana, whose truck had just been sucked up by a tornado, and Lex was waffling on whether or not to rescue his father, who was pinned beneath wreckage in the mansion study. More Vortex pix )
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I haven't done the Saturday Scenes in a while, so here goes. And, believe it or not, my choice for tonight is a Clana scene! the closing scene of "Red," from early in S2.Image Heavy )
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You guys are the best!

I just want to explain that I can't let myself play the snowflake game because I'm helping my two kids pay off student loans, but I'm deeply grateful for the kind thoughtfulness of which I've been the beneficiary.

The snow that fell last night has all melted, but it's still dark and gloomy. I'm home alone with the cats today, and baked cookies this afternoon. I tried this killer dough that could be used for several types of cookies, and made Raspberry Hazelnut Triangles (with my homemade raspberry jam from last summer) and Chocolate-Dpped Coconut Sticks; also, some molasses cookies. I'll probably be taking most of them to work. The "triangles" didn't turn out looking very good, but they taste great!

While I baked, I had my annual viewing of "Lexmas". Image-Heavy )
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What have I done to deserve such kindness? I can see that people are having fun with this, but I've received SIX virtual gifts today!

Thanks so much: [personal profile] hils, [personal profile] oxoniensis, [personal profile] dramaa_princess, [personal profile] lunarknightz, [personal profile] ladydreamer, and [personal profile] isilweth!

You all rock!!


Dec. 4th, 2009 05:40 pm
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I made two posts this afternoon in the 'Ships thread at TWOP. And got two warnings! I was told I was "speaking for other fans" and the second comment was edited by the mod.

Cripes, that Tennison is a control freak, IMO. I'm almost scared to post there any more. And you can't even argue with it, or you'll get banned. I'd rather be talking about SV here on LJ, anyway. But there just isn't enough to satisfy me, so I usually wind up over there.
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